Politeknik Lhokseumawe
Pengembangan Produk Kincir Aerator dari Material Komposit Polimer
Prosiding SNYuBe 2012 (Seminar Nasional Yusuf Benseh 2012)
Politeknik Negeri Lhokseumawe
1 x setahun
Desember 2012
Indra Mawardi dan Ramli

Aerator function as producer of water bubble yielding oxygen for the requirement of fish or prawn in fishpond. The research obtained desain blade of aerator fulfilling criterion ; repairable, changed, light and can yield the water bubble which is a lot of with the rotation and machine energy which as small as possible. Method of Making of blade of aerator of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (GFRP) is handlay up with three fibre laminat. Matriks used unsaturated polyester resin type BTQN 157 EX, and E glass of type of Chop Strand Mate (CSM) as fibre. GFRP blade made with two hole form that is, square and ellipse. Mechanical properteis of GFRP blade material done tention strenght. Performance test done in fishpond, with the deepness of blade to water 80 mm and rotation of wheel 90 rpm. From result of design and test : blade of aerator produced from material GFRP with the dimension sudu 180 x 15 x 5 mm and sum up the hole 15, diameter of square hole 20 mm and ellipse 15 mm, heavy GFRP blade is 0,2 s.d 0,25 kg and manufacturer blade ( 0,5 kg) so that can lighten the motor energy, tention strength composite material GFRP blade is 52,20 MPa and from comparison of performance GFRP blade, form the compared to better ellipse hole form of square hole

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Fishpond, aerator, blade, manufacturer, GFRP, square, ellipse
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